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This page is all about Mike, the webmaster and photographer.

Coming to this page either means you want to know a little about me, or you just want something to read. wink Either way, here you go. smile

My name is Mike. My age, well, if you know how to add and subtract I'll let you figure it out. I was born in 1963. If you can't figure it out, you don't need to know. wink How much do I know about photography? Not much. Seriously. Compared to the average human, I know quite a bit, but there are many who know more than I do. Certain photographic subjects I can be considered very good at, but there are things I know nothing about also. As time goes by, I will know more, because one thing I enjoy doing is learning, especially if it's something I enjoy, like photography, electronics, computers, or the internet. I also like learning things like woodworking, metal working, auto repairs, and other things like that. I like being able to do pretty much anything myself, but since this site is about photography, I'll stick with that here. smile

I got started in photography many many years ago, (1977), when my parents gave me my first real camera for my birthday. My first camera was a Praktica LB2, the first real camera I had that did more than just point and shoot. Those simple point and shoot cameras are nice for some things, like quick picture taking, but it was so much different having full control over my pictures, and even being able to use "real" lenses. wink I still remember my very first roll of film. The Practica LB2 is manual focus, so guess what? embarrassed

Anyway, I learned a lot from that film. I found out I need to practice, wink so I did, lots of it. I never went anywhere without my camera, and I spent a lot of time reading books about photography, and when I was 16 and working, I started buying photography books and also subscribed to several photography magazines. I then made my first serious photography investment by buying a Minolta XG-M camera and selling my Praktica LB2. I also started reading about doing my own black and white darkroom work and when Christmas came, my parents got me an enlarger and some basic darkroom equipment. grin Now I was having fun. Black and white isn't as colorful, but I was making my own prints. A year later, I decided to have much more fun. I bought some equipment, like a color enlarger, and I set up a much better darkroom, and I started doing my own color printing. Not too long after that, I decided to go all the way and do my own processing also. I followed up with a new camera, a Minolta X-700, keeping my XG-M as a backup.

For the next several years, photography was my life, but I eventually settled back down and started going out without my camera now and then. In the early 1990's I had to take down my darkroom due to finances, and soon after that I even had to sell my cameras. cry Since I had lots of spare time, I ended up discovering the internet and getting into computers, and eventually digital imaging. In late fall of 2002 I had the opportunity to get my X-700 back affordably on Ebay. I got an X-700 with 2 lenses, flash, and winder, for $200. I then gradually got back into photography and got myself several more lenses, also through Ebay, and in April of 2003 I decided to mix my hobbies together and put up this website.

After getting the basic layout of this site finished and putting up the front page, my hosting business started getting more active, then other things came up, and before I knew it, close to a year had gone by. I then got this page "about me" put up, but once again couldn't find the time to do any more work here. Over the next few years I kept finding "a bit of time" to do some work here, but not much. I have the whole site in my head. All I need is an electronic helmet to transfer all the data to my computer. wink

Time sure flies. It's now 2012, but things have changed. For one, I've thought about being a professional photographer since before the Internet, but I kept putting that idea on hold. February 2012 I decided it's time. I've done a few small professional photo shoots for friends and family in the past. It's now time to go pro. It's what I really want to do and I'm not getting younger, so I can't afford to put it off any longer. I've even made the decision to go digital, now that digital SLRs can compete with film.
Get some information about my new photo shooting services on my Photo shooting page.

Anyway, I have some work to do on this site, so if what you are looking for isn't here yet, you can bookmark this site to check back later, or join my mailing list and I'll email you each time I get a new section up, or make significant changes. To join my mailing list, just send an email to If you are interested in electronics, as in resistors, capacitors, schematic diagrams, and so on, check out another site of mine that is long overdue for work at

The End

By the way, if you want to know more about me, or if you have any questions about photography, feel free to email me at Mike @, without the spaces of course, or use my contact form.
I don't know everything about photography, but I'll do my best to answer questions.

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