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lens accessories - filters, polarizers, lens hoods, etc.

more variety coming soon

Here is what we have and our prices. See our rating system here. If you want to buy any of our products just enter the quantity where applicable and click the "Add To Cart" button. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Skylight filters - still more to come

Optex 49mm UV filter$5.95(used - A) details
Image 49mm skylight 1a filter$5.95(used - A) details
Hoya 49mm skylight 1B filter$5.95(used - A) details
Hoya 49mm UV(0)$4.95(used - B) details
Tiffen 49mm Haze$4.95(used - B) details
UGC 49mm UV$5.95(used - A) details
Tiffen 49mm sky 1A$5.95(used - A) details
used 49mm UV (many in stock)$1.75(used - C/D) details
used 49mm Skylight 1A/1B (many in stock)$1.75(used - C/D) details
Tiffen 52mm Haze-1$5.95(used - A) details
Rokinon UV 52mm$5.95(used - A) details
Hoya HMC 52mm Skylight 1B$5.95(used - A) details
Tiffen 52mm sky 1A$4.95(used - B) details
Promaster Sprectrum 7 52mm Skylight 1A$5.95(used - A) details
Pro 52mm UV$4.95(used - B) details
Promaster Sprectrum 7 UV 52mm$5.95(used - A) details
Prinz 52mm 1A$1.95(used - E) details
Optex 55mm skylight filter$4.95(used - B) details
Hoya 55mm UV(0) filter$3.25(used - C) details
Hoya 55mm UV(0) filter$1.95(used - E) details
Tiffen 55mm Haze1$5.95(used - A) details
Hoya HMC 55mm Skylight 1B$5.95(used - A) details
Tiffen 55mm sky 1A$3.25(used - C) details
Hoya 55mm skylight 1B$5.95(used - A) details
unknown Haze 62mm UV$2.95(used - E) details
Hoya 67mm skylight 1B$7.95(used - A) details

Polarizers - more coming later
detailed article about polarizers

49mm linear polarizer w/skylight$7.95(used - C) details
Kenko 49mm linear polarizer w/case$12.95(used - A) details
Hoya 52mm linear polarizer w/case$12.95(used - B) details
Jessop 62mm linear polarizer w/case$12.95(used - B) details

Special effect filters - more coming later

Kitstar 49mm V-Cross filter w/case$34.95(used - A) details
Vivitar 49mm M3P Multi-Image filter
(3x Prism Parallel) w/case & box
$34.95(new) details
Vivitar 49mm M6R Multi-Image filter
(6x Prism Circular) w/case & box
$34.95(new) details
Izumar 49mm VT Center Spot
Soft Screen filter w/case & box
$27.95(new) details

Lens hoods
rubber collapsible screw-on

49mm rubber lens hood$5.955 in stock (new)qty:
52mm rubber lens hood$6.951 in stock (new)qty:
58mm Vivitar wide angle rubber lens hood$7.951 in stock (new)qty:
67mm rubber lens hood$6.952 in stock (new)qty:
67mm Tiffen wide angle rubber lens hood$7.951 in stock (new)qty:
77mm rubber lens hood$7.954 in stock (new)qty:

Reversal rings
mount a lens on your camera backwards

Olympus / 49mm reversal ring$9.955 in stock (new)qty:
Pentax K / 49mm reversal ring$7.953 in stock (new)qty:

Coupling rings
mount a 2nd lens to front of main lens in reverse

55mm macro coupler$7.951 in stock (new)qty:

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